Benefits of a Global Atlas for Allergies

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Allergic diseases are a health concern which affects a lot of people across the world. Effective strategies and comprehensive documentation are required to tackle the allergic epidemic systematically at national, regional, and global levels. There are many areas such as research and development, education, clinical care, and training where positive progress has not been realized. Expert opinion leaders across the world have come with a global atlas for allergy. It is a great reference tool and platform for people involved in treating allergic diseases.

Building awareness

allergy 7718It is estimated that about half of the world’s population is educated. Also, over thirty percent suffer from various allergic conditions. Allergy diseases do not get priority as far as national healthcare systems are concerned. This is the case in developing countries because of heterogeneous inhabitations and insufficient resources. The good thing about a global atlas is that it builds awareness about socioeconomic burden as a result of allergic conditions across the world. Moreover, it recognizes it as a priority in the healthcare strategies.

Expert insights

The atlas provides detailed information about different aspects of allergy that includes cellular and molecular mechanisms. It also provides risk factors, methods for prevention, control, management, diagnosis, and treatment. The fact that it is a reference tool means it offers immense value to researchers, medical students, pharmacists, healthcare providers, medical industry professionals, and policymakers. Moreover, it provides guidance on the way to overcome barriers such as poor infrastructure, education, and poverty which are observed in the developing countries.

Allergy care and training

Two ways of tackling allergy epidemic are clinical care and optimized allergy training. It is unfortunate that very few experts are involved in these two areas. This is because of lack of adequate focus on various shareholders such as patient organizations, schools, pharmacist, and healthcare providers.

allergy atlas 6t1Nowadays, there are reputed organizations that work hard to build awareness, collect and disseminate information, promote research about immunologic diseases and allergies. They have published several global atlases on allergy and other conditions such as asthma and sinusitis. If you are interested, you can go online and search for information. You can get comprehensive information on different allergy conditions.

You should avoid fighting allergic conditions blindly. It is advisable to arm yourself with adequate information and education to make your world a good place if you are suffering from allergies.…

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